Friday, March 23, 2007

Not so easy

This makes me crazy. We asked and asked and asked for ultrasounds to determine the location of BB's cord in utero and all we got were blank stares. The u/s tech told us that she couldn't do it on her machine and that we couldn't just ask her to look for cord location. Our doctor would have to tell her to look for it on the ultrasound requisition.

When we asked our doctor to write said requisition, all she put was "check cord". So the u/s tech would do the Doppler flow and that was it. It was a never-ending cycle of insanity. I finally gave up.

BB was born with 2 loose loops of cord around his neck. Thanks for helping us manage that risk.

Things that OBs and u/s techs believe:
  • umbilical cord accidents don't repeat (not true)
  • you can't track umbilical cords with ultrasound (not true)
  • you shouldn't listen to the patient when she is telling you to check for something (ridiculous - who did more research into cord accidents, my OB or me?)

At the end of this CTV piece, the couple urges pregnant women to ask for a scan for vasa previa. Um, actually, it won't be that easy. Trust me, I made myself sick over asking for "location of cord" scans and NOBODY helped me with that.

Unless the local health district makes vasa previa screening a mandatory part of it's obstetrical ultrasound protocol and then trains it's ultrasound techs, it ain't gonna happen.


Rosepetal said...

I have cord accident on my list of things to be terrified about. I can't be terrified about it yet as I'm currently terrified by missed miscarriage and trisomy. But it's on the long list of terrors to come. I hope my OB will be able to put up with all of my requests for the long months (which I hope) are ahead.

cbparis said...

Hello! Thank you for commenting on the vasa previa story. I can't tell you how awful I feel for you! I also lost a child to vasa previa. Its not been an easy thing to bear. So, 6 years ago, I and some other vp parents organized the International Vasa Previa Foundation. Things have come a long way since then. Babies ARE being prenatally diagnosed and ARE surviving. Still have a lot more work to do, but the awareness is growing. Thank you for bringing attention to this heartbreaking condition. These babies don't need to die. It only takes a moment to diagnose life...

Cindy Paris, Secretary
International Vasa Previa Foundation
Mum to Nathan Elliot Paris ^i^

kate said...

Yeah, good luck....i also stopped trying to get more cord info from the ultrasound -- they simply won't do it, because (i think) they are not trained to do it.

Hell, this time i have to ASK EVERY U/S for them to measure my cervix. 'Oh, did the dr. want that too?' Umm, DUH, shouldn't it be a standard check with twins?