Thursday, March 22, 2007

Here we go...

Okay. I have set up a blog for listing Babyloss blogs and for posting helpful resources. My goal is to have a central location for our community to share information and to be a starting point for someone who is journeying this terrible path.

Anyone out there smart enough about these things to create some custom graphics for us?

Please check out the site. If you would like to list your blog, please contact one of the Contributors listed on the sidebar. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please let me know.


niobe said...

Many thanks to you and the others who've worked to set this up.

I hope we can get the word out so that newly-bereaved parents will be able to find this resource.

Rosepetal said...

I would like to be a contributor. Great idea.

Erin said...

I have just found your blog via the baby loss directory. Thank you so much for putting the directory together. My husband and I lost our daughter this month, on the 3rd. We had a beautiful baby girl, Birdie.
I have been seeking out other mommy's with whom I can bond with and share.

Also, I want to tell you how sorry I am for the loss of your child.

Lastly, I wanted to extend my interest in contributing to the directory as a writer perhaps...if you need any more people. As well as offering my design skills if you might need them.

Thank you for your time.
Much love and support to you.

Mama to Birdie

D+D Janzen said...

Wow! As I'm perusing your blogs.. I didn't realize you were the one to set up the baby loss blog directory! Thank You! It is so relieving to have other blogs to read and relate to.
I think I will set up a separate blog - dedicated to my twins.