Friday, March 23, 2007

Goodbye and Good Riddance

The summer after C. was born, I threw myself into redoing my front yard. Most of the plants I installed were chosen for a sentimental reason. Like the phlox that was named "Baby Eyes".

I took much of my inspiration from my neighbour (who lost a child to CF). This neighbour had a beautiful Memory Garden and a beautiful home. During that time they moved away.

A young family moved in. They had a 6 month old. When I worked in my garden I could hear the baby cry. It cut me to the soul. I hated that family.

In a bid to try NOT to hate them, we walked over and introduced ourselves when they were out in the yard one evening. I asked what they were going to do with the yard, since it wasn't child friendly. They didn't know. I told them that I would remove the plants for them if they decided they didn't want them.

This summer they tore out the Memory Garden. Everything went to the dump, including the incredibly expensive cedar fence. It made me sick for SO many reasons. They have, in effect, destroyed any of the charm that their property had.

Today Century 21 came and put up a sign on their lawn. They won't be missed.


Rosepetal said...

They destroyed it and now they are moving? Why couldn't they move without destroying it? Hey ho. I hope you get some nice new neighbours.

Bronwyn said...

Good riddance, indeed! That's one reason that I never made a garden for Lydia. I knew we'd be moving eventually and I couldn't bear to think of the new owners neglecting or worse, ripping out, the memory garden.

Here's hoping your new neighbours are more palatable!

kate said...

Ugh this makes me sick.

At LEAST they could've given you the plants. What a bunch of assholes.

I think blogger ate my comment but i am sorry if it comes twice...

niobe said...

I find that whenever I make an effort not to hate someone that they tend to do something that more than justifies my initial hatred. Sorry about the garden.