Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend Report

We had a nice weekend. Weird weather, ranging from a blue-sky, cloudless, sunny day to snow. A blue jay found our bird feeder. My husband chased the stupid orange tabby out of our yard that keeps killing the sparrows. We rented movies and I worked on an important craft project. I finished two novels. It was homey.

We went to church on Sunday morning. I did a lot of thinking about my personal understanding of my own faith during the boring (read - too theological) sermon. I feel good about my thinking, and resolve to continue that process on a more regular basis. A continual evaluation of our spiritual existence is something we all need to do, regardless of our personal belief system. Our understanding of the world must always grow and adapt to accept and incorporate our daily experiences, no?

So my weekend reviews - books and movies.

On Beauty by Zadie Smith

I really did enjoy this book. If you have ever graced the hallowed halls of academia, you would probably find much to think about in the narrative. I especially liked the theme that dealt with liberalism vs. Conservatism. The argument was presented by one of the characters that liberals are liberal with everyone (homosexuals, minorities, immigrants, women, etc.) except for conservatives. It made me think about my personal intolerance for specific people I know with particularly conservative views. Also, the issue of race was explored in a way that made me think about my personal biases more closely. Four out of five stars from me.

London is the Best City in America by Laura Dave

Love, love, LOVED it. It took me only a few hours to read. It told the story of a young women who, after breaking off a relationship becomes completely stalled in her life. In returning to her family home for a weekend wedding, she starts to deal with this stuff. When I was finished, I did that thing where I go back and read my favourite chapters over again. A definite five out of five stars. Besides - GREAT title.

Movie: RV

Robin Williams. Too much poo poo humour at the beginning. A little dull at moments. Some fine physical comedy. Like the ending well enough. If you want, you can rent it.

Movie: Capote

I was well-informed before I started watching this that it was a character piece and not a plot-driven movie. Unfortunately, I was more in the mood for something exciting, plot-wise. Don't get me wrong, it was an excellent movie with some very fine acting. I just wasn't in the mood. A good renter, but make sure you are in the mood first.


Treggles said...

Our understanding of the world must always grow and adapt to accept and incorporate our daily experiences, no?

Couldn't agree more, Delphi. I know my own faith is going through something of a transformation, and Mrs T's even more so.

Julian's Mom said...

I feel so special that you read two of the books I recommended AND that you liked them! You have good taste (as if that was ever in doubt)! :)