Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Look at the ticker. 100 days. No more than 86, if I have my way about induction.

Touch wood that this is unnecessary information, but the Babe would have a good chance on her/his own at 26 weeks. I am old-fashioned, though, and will feel even better in two more weeks. And 4 more weeks, etc., etc.

She/he is a very obliging soul and wakes up to kick whenever I have a panic attack. You see a pregnant woman lightly slapping her belly? That's probably me waking up the Babe. Quite rude, I know, but the Momma needs to know that the panic can be shelved, at least for a couple of minutes.

If that chick from HR mentions the "Dependent information update" form to me one more time, I may have to destroy her. Yes, I have the form to fill in when the baby is born. Yes, I know my health coverage will not extend to her/him if I don't fill in the form and return it. Now... do you know that I have already had one occasion where such a form was rendered completely unnecessary?

I am coordinating a project at work that requires submissions of vital information to me from my colleagues. And there is one guy who hasn't done his work. Great. So I am the one who will look like I can't coordinate a project. Sigh.

I will be reducing the number of hours I am putting into the courses that I am taking, come November. I am already feeling quite prepared for the December examinations, and my advisor agrees. Thank God. I can't keep up this pace.


Aussie Kate said...

100 days left, what a great milestone to have reached! Sounds like you have a well-behaved little one in there already, being so kind to its mother with its kicking. Grrr to your colleagues.

Keep up the good work!

Rosepetal said...

So glad everything still okay! Is your doctor onboard about potential early induction?

Good to hear you'll be reducing hours on your courses soon.

kate said...

Well, i would be knocking on wood, if there was any wood upon which to knock in this cheap motel room....

Babe will be here soon!

whatthef*ck said...

100 days. or 86. holy home stretch!

Julian's Mom said...

Thinking of you and glad the time seems to be going by quickly (at least it seems so to me, even though I know February can't come soon enough for you!)