Friday, October 13, 2006

I shouldn't touch things...

I started messing around with the template and settings and now have misplaced my archives, etc. So, some moment when I have some time, I will fix that up.

Also, I think it would be good for me to get away from blogging for a while. It isn't helping me sort out my problems the way I had hoped. So I am deciding to take a little break. I need to try and devote more time to other aspects of my life.

I will likely check in as soon as I have some spare time. In the meantime, head over to and check out the planned activities for Sunday!


Treggles said...

Well, have a good break. But don't stay away too long...

(PS: did you get my latest email?)

Rosepetal said...

I'll miss you (and your archives!)
Hope you come back soon.

whatthef*ck said...

wow. i'll really miss you. i've been following your blog really closely and i have really appreciated your thoughtful and articulate comments to me. i can see why you would need a break to focus on other things. i imagine it would be helpful to avoid deadbabyland. it's a scary, scary place.

one of my first reactions to your post was something like "oh no i hope my extreme negativity didn't drive you away." how narcissistic is that? i can see how these blogs would bring a really pregnant girl down. so far it's mostly horror stories with happy endings few and far between.

i don't know about you but, when i first found out that i was pregnant, i didn't feel like blogging about the positive feelings. i felt like i should wait until i have some really nasty crap to unload and that maybe that's what people have come to expect and like about my blog.

but to be honest i was also reluctant to share my happiness because i was afraid of how it would be received. especially since i got pregnant right away. how f*cked up is it that i thought my fellow bloggers might begrudge me an insta-pregnancy after the hell i've been through.

do you ever feel like blogging about your good moments but are afraid to share them? i think it's also scary for me to share them because then i might have to look back and feel really stupid or that i jinxed the pregnancy by getting overconfident. oh the tangled webs we weave.

i just want to encourage you to take care of yourself in whatever way you need to. sounds like a break is what you need.

if you ever want to email me, please do. maybe there are some joyful moments to be shared. whatever you need. if you do email me, tell me, in the comments of my blog, because i don't check that email vey often and i'd hate to leave you hanging.

back when you had a bad night on the chat room a few weeks ago, i had been thinking i'd offer you my phone number in case you were ever seriously in need of some empathic human contact. then i wondered if i had a boundary-setting issue. historically i have not had a problem with that kind of thing.

anyway, i just want to let you know that you'll be missed and that i'm hoping you'll be spending some quality time rubbing that belly and enjoying feeling your baby move around.

please email me if i can help you in any way.

kate said...

I will miss you....sounds like things are crazy at your house so i understand not blogging for awhile. But come back soon!

Julie said...

I hope you don't stay away long. We will all miss you. Keeping you in my thoughts!

msfitzita said...

(((HUGS)) I'll miss you while you're gone. Take good care of yourself, and hurry back!