Monday, October 16, 2006


So this is my plan:
  • read blogs no more than once a day
  • write posts no more than once every other day and no less than once a week
  • limit my internet time (emailing, etc.)

I need to make space for life in my life. I need to telephone friends and work on my craft projects. I need to read my way through your book recommendations for me. And I need to find this time outside of the time that is already occupied by work and the two courses that I am taking. And husband time. And watching my favourite TV shows on tape (so I can ffwd the commercials and not get sucked in by some crappy other show that I don't want to watch).

Thank you for missing me, by the way. That is a pretty cool feeling.

So, book review time. No computer on the weekend meant that I read a book:

The Wonder Spot - Melissa Bank

I really liked it. It had a good narrative and an interesting (but not too screwed up) main character. I would recommend as a 4 out of 5 star read. Go to Amazon to read a synopsis. I may check out Melissa Bank's other novel when I am further on in my list.

Thanks to Julian's Mom for that one.

Okay. Time's up. Done blogging for the day. All's well with the Babe, though I think s/he may have turned rightside up in the night? There was a whole lot of movement in there. I am hoping s/he is still head down.


Treggles said...

"I need to make space for life in my life."

Sounds like a great plan to me, Delphi.

Laura said...

Oh, good, I'm glad that you're back. I didn't know what I was going to do without your wise comments. That sounds sarcastic! I'm totally serious! I love reading what you write.

I love your plan, though. I was just thinking the other day that I really need to pick up the phone and actually talk to someone. I'm becoming a hermit.