Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sooooo tired.

Where is this second trimester energy I've read all about?

Too tired to blog. And the one thing I might blog about, well, I need to talk it over with my husband first. Too tired to talk to husband. Too tired for complete sentences.

In the mean time, you MUST go here:


It is in Flash format, so be patient while it loads. Then you can see where your name fits.

Me: ranked highest in 1970s
DH: ranked highest in 1920s
C: ranked highest in 1980s

Where did you rank?


Lorem ipsum said...

Me (given name): highest in the 1890s (yes, 100+ years ago), although enjoying a shocking comeback today thanks to a certain actress.

My husband: Top of the mountain in the 1890s also. His middle name, though, is uber-trendy today.

Julian's Mom said...

I hope everything is okay! My name, with its spelling, doesn't even make the list, but both my kids' names are making a comeback...

kate said...

yeah, all our names appear to be super-trendy. I hate that.