Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All is well

The ultrasound went well. The baby was very active, so it took a little longer for the tech to get the measurements. She assured us, however, that she didn't see anything that would give any indication of something wrong.

That was good news. The more disappointing news was that she isn't capable of doing the cord monitoring that I was hoping for. Which means that if we want to pursue this, we will have to see an OB in a nearby city. Sigh. What I don't want is to make a whole lot of winter road trips. But I guess that may be in our future.

I have a ton of real work to do (what, blogging isn't real work), so rather than start my own controversy, I suggest you go look at at what's brewing around town:

For stem cell controversy, go here.
For an... interesting... take on prayer, go here.
For birth story trauma, go here.
For a misdirected attempts at comforting the grieving heart, go here or here.
For an amusing take on the latest Mona Lisa news, go here.

Yes, I have opinions on each of these topics. No, I don't have enough energy to share them.

Now go. Argue amongst yourselves. (I love starting things I have no intention of finishing...)


Catherine said...

You are so BAD! lol

delphi said...

Thank you, Catherine (as she grins evilly...)

Rosepetal said...

I'm so glad everything was okay after your ultrasound. I checked back several times today to see if you had posted news. Since I'm not back at work yet, that's all I have to do.....

Treggles said...

Good ultrasounds are great, aren't they?

kate said...

I am so glad all is good with the u/s!

ummm...boy or girl? Or are you not going to find out?

I say, email Dr. Collins -- he has a protocol for the cord monitoring where *he* actually has your NST data sent to his blackberry, or something hi-tech like that. Dunno how much it costs, but it exists.

kate said...

Oh, and thanks for the links. It is amazing that i can get into trouble with these controversies even when i am NOT TRYING TO....

KTP said...

Well, you asked for it, so here is what I have to say about the prayer thing.

I am often jealous of people who have great faith in God and say things like "I'm giving it up to God" or "God will make sure everything's okay" or "God has obviously called me to be childless..." - yes, I have heard people say this.

There is so much random pain, violence, and sadness in the world. Since I have had my son I am much more raw and vulnerable to such things. I wish that I could find comfort in God or Whomever, but so far that has escaped me.

On the other hand, when somebody offers to pray for me, I am honored. Because whether they are praying for me or sending me their best wishes or even hurting because I am hurting, what they are saying is that they are thinking of me, and they are concerned about me, and what more, then, can you ask for at that point? If prayers really work, then that's a bonus, I guess.