Saturday, August 12, 2006

Where did the summer go?

I have an excellent job, as defined by having excellent holiday time. So I take a relatively long summer vacation. My husband has similar flexibility, which makes our holidays quite relaxing.

This summer has had more family engagements and commitments than normal and I have to go back to work in a week!!! I am so unprepared for this. The weeds are taller than my perennials. My house is rather messy. I have achieved none of my usual summer-related goals.*

I have been busy feeling sick, feeling achy, and growing a baby, but really, does that count so much? It isn't like life is going to get less busy when** the baby gets here. It would really help to get some of these chores done when I don't have work to worry about.

However, the biggest chore that was not finished this summer is the scrapbook that I am creating of our son's life. I am including all the activities and photos of the pregnancy that I can, and will include all the post-death paraphernalia that we have collected. All in all, I am pleased with the result thus far. But I am only into pregnancy month 5, and I really want this done before Babe gets here. I know that I still have 173 more days to get this thing done, but I am SOOOOOO anal about it. I have been working on the same page (off and on) for a week. I accept nothing less than perfection. So that really means that 173 days is not enough time.

I hope that I can do this. I want it done for our son's birthday. If only we had a decent craft store in town, where I could get the embellishments that I want without having to try to make pages without them or go out of town to get them. I am sure that would solve all my problems...

*My husband has been working his butt off, doing all the usual chores (and some unusual ones, too), without much help from me. This is why the house is not in a state where it should be condemed, but rather needs a little more TLC than just one person can possibly give (especially when the other person makes messes instead of cleaning them).
**notice the use of when, not if. Pretty good, no?


kate said...

I don't know where the summer went. I simply cannot believe it is nearly gone. I have 3 papers to finish & submit & a grant proposal to write before September and my weeds/lawn situation was so bad that today the neighbors came over with *their* lawnmower to do it. Nicolas' scrapbook has nary a page completed though i have purchased hundreds of dollars (well, okay, $100+ dollars) in scrapbooking supplies.

So i am worse off than you, heh heh. You are growing a new baby and that is more important than the summer crap and the weeds -- they will take care of themselves. You, take care of you and the little one. Oh, and if you want anything specific scrapbookwise, we have great stores around here -- just let me know and i will throw it in the mail...

Bronwyn said...

I agree with Kate, you're doing the most important job in the world right now, which is gestating like crazy, lol! I wish I could help in the scrapbook department, but I am scrapbook-challenged. It's sounds like you've got a winner in your husband, though. Just keep letting him do as much as he can cleaning-wise and close your eyes to the rest :)