Monday, August 14, 2006

Not exactly cravings, but...

...I am eating rather strange things.

For lunch today - two eggs, scrambled with salt and pepper, with about 1 cup of mashed potatoes with butter, salt, and pepper. It was delicious, though not exactly what I would call a normal meal.

Sadly, everything that I might normally consume in reaction to cravings seems to cause painful intestinal distress, including:
  • fries, and anything else deepfried
  • Chinese food
  • milk products, including ice cream and puddings, etc.
  • (pasturized) feta cheese a.k.a. the cheese of the gods
Does anyone feel sorry for me? I know I do. At least I still have mashed potatoes.

P.S. I finished the scrapbook page from hell. On to the next one!

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