Monday, September 27, 2010

For Sale

I am selling the baby things as they are outgrown. It hurts. I have always scoffed at the saccharine, emotional tears that moms shed when their children outgrow there things. Now, here I am, tearing up over every little item. We need to get rid of this stuff and we need the money that we will make by selling it. It is just so real. We are done having kids. That is such a loaded statement. I have no idea how to convey to you what that statement does to my soul. I guess I won't try.

So, in the spirit of selling things, does anyone need (or know someone who needs) a Doppler? I have one for sale. I would love to know that it would be helpful in giving another loss-Mama some peace of mind. Includes 2 extra tubes of gel, $85 Canadian, plus whatever the cost for shipping. Email me for details.

See? I can do it. I just don't have to like it.


Pipsylou said...

This has got to be so weird...

It's up in the air for us, whether or not we will adopt or have a bio child...and I'm OK with it being that way...I think the finality of KNOWING has got to be hard.

And then, I think of your wonderful little family and am so happy for you!!!!

kate said...

you know, it even makes me sad to see YOU putting up YOUR stuff on Facebook! Also, the selling is worse, i was able to give most things away. The stuff that ought to be sold, it is still sitting in the closet because i can't deal with it.

kateperston said...

It may not still be for sale, but have you thought of offering the doppler for sale thru spals? You may find a worthy home for it there. If you arent an active member, I can send on an email to michael about it.

I am going thru the same sale at the moment, its tough :(

delphi said...