Wednesday, April 07, 2010


So, what would your response be if, by chance, you were looking at an ultrasound screen that was showing a picture of your 35 week baby's skull and brain and your OB said:

"What is the history of stroke or blood clots in your family?"

So freaking out a bit here. We tested negatively for clotting, etc. post-stillbirth, which is something of a relief, but the idea that the OB didn't really like what he saw is lingering with me.

Lingering in a bad way.

I didn't quiz him about it. I was a little too scared. I did tell him what I know, which isn't much. We actually don't have much history of stroke in our family.

At the end of the appointment he said that he was happy with how things were going and that he would start checking my cervix next week.

This can't be over soon enough.


G$ said...

Oh for goodness sakes! Not what you want to hear. Hang in there hun, home stretch.

Rosepetal said...

oof. Maybe ring him and ask him about it anyway to avoid potential unnecessary stress. It could have just been a precautionary question with incredibly bad timing.

(hugs). Have you stopped working yet?

Pipsylou said...

thinking about you alot! i would go ahead and call and ask what he know me... :)

can't wait to hear about the munchkin's arrival!

Aussie Kate said...

i'm with the others - ask him. No point in worrying over something that may not be anything of concern.

Thinking of you lots

kate xx

Vannessa said...

Hang in there, not long to go, hope that you don't stress out too much over the next few weeks. Thinking of you.

Jericho said...

*hug* take a deep breath. You're so close---you're gonna get there. Rooting for you in the midwest!