Wednesday, April 14, 2010

36 weeks, 2 days

So I didn't call the OB. I decided it was better to just not think about it. Deny, deny, deny. Besides, if the baby has already had some sort of massive brain bleed, what are we going to do about it? And, double besides, if there was something to be told, I trust our OB would tell us. I am choosing to believe that we have nothing to worry about. It is a conscious choice that I have to constantly work at, but so far I am maintaining sanity.

I went for my 36 week check yesterday. He did an internal. No dilation or effacement, but the cervix is softening. I hope that all of these heavy duty BH contractions I am having will get some dilation and effacement going on in the next 6 days, so that things will be ready to go by next checkup.

I don't feel like a uterus is a safe place for a baby, come 37 weeks gestation. Get 'em out.

We are still not ready at our house. To avoid the sleeping-in-a-laundry-basket scenario (where does the Angel*care monitor go in that??), we hope to be ready by the end of the weekend. Then if I had the baby on Monday (37 weeks exactly), life would be perfect. Perhaps I can do a lot of heavy lifting and cleaning in order to start a bunch of contractions....

And that's where I am.

P.S. Still working. One more week. Sigh. What a drag.


Rosepetal said...

That is a drag that you're still having to work :-( But I suppose it keeps your mind slightly occupied for at least some of the time....?

Softened cervix is good. Ditto over here. Last time around my OB did tell me that the way your body has reacted to previous inductions can be an indication of how it will react this time. For Beanie, I had a softened cervix and no dilation or effacement before the induction and the induction went well.

Hope your final preparations go well and we'll be reading some good news next week! (We just bought a mattress less than a week ago).

aussie kate said...

Best of luck with the final countdown. I have everything crossed that your body is good to go when it suits YOU.

And the angel care question - bwah ha ha. You gave me a good laugh ;)

And try not to stress too much about having everything organised - all bubs needs is some nappies, your arms, and your bo@bs (assuming you are b/fing)

hugs and love and cant wait to hear the news

kate xoxox