Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gripe of the Day

Mostly, I walk around writing complaint posts in my head. You know, when something bugs me, I imagine writing a post about it and having the Internets respond with a resounding "Right On, Man!" So, I am going to try out a new feature - Gripe of the Day. We'll see if it catches on.

Since this is my first go, I will probably gripe about several things:

  • I am so sick of celebrities, I could just go crawl under a rock on an uninhabited island and live there in isolation until eternity passes. I am especially sick of pregnant child celebrities or possibly-pregnant Brangelinas. PLEASE STOP TELLING ME ABOUT THESE PEOPLE AND TRYING TO PASS IT OFF AS LEGITIMATE NEWS!!!!!

  • I don't know why the "Original Moritz Icy Squares" aren't as icy as I remember them, and it bugs me. (Doesn't stop me from eating them into oblivion, though).

  • Why doesn't my work software run on a Mac platform? I would switch, if I could....

Was that a boring list of gripes? Perhaps this feature won't grow my readership in the way I had hoped.... [Mental note: Become more witty by the next post...]


WiseGuy said...

That was a good first! And though I can't write much on the last two, the first is quite a stickler. From the expected due date, to the expected number, to the gender, to the elite medical facility...everything appears to catch media fancy!

Julia said...

I think I do live under a rock on that island. Cause I am like the last person on earth to learn about these things. I achieve that by watching very little TV, and doing most of my shopping at Trader Joe's, where there are no giant tabloids or entertainment magazines by the checkout counters. I like it under my rock. Wanna come live with me?

When I do get hit by these "news" stories though, my reaction is always the same as yours--WTF?

kate said...

Right on! What DID they do to those icy squares?