Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The hustle and the bustle

Well, I want to tell how it's going with my office-mate. El Stinko. He actually smells fine in the morning - the odor is something that develops over the course of the day. That makes me think that he does wear deoderant, but that it doesn't work very well. And as far as the job share goes, things are trucking along in an abysmal fashion. He has no respect for my experience or knowledge and will not take any suggestions from me. Never mind that I have been doing this job for 6 years and he has done a part-time portion of it for 12 months (12 of the months I was on leave).

He asked me how many kids I have now. Duh. Idiot. You filled my position for both of my maternity leaves. That is how you got the job. Think, moron. I have thus far held my tongue and refrained from hitting him. Amazing self control, I think.

I am unhappy with the sharing portion of my job, but some of my project work was transferred into a sector that I am pretty good at. Always a mix of the good and the bad.

Now that I have figured out a back-door way to access Blogger (that our work firewall doesn't disallow), I hope to post more. When I will find time to read, I haven't figured out yet.

On an unrelated note, how do you feel when your MIL helps out at your house with laundry and cleaning, unasked? Because I should be grateful, but mostly I just feel embarrased that my house was such a disaster and annoyed that I can't find my dishes. Ah, the complexity of our near vacinity to my in-laws.


Bronwyn said...

Most of the time I'm pretty glad that I don't have to deal with ILs! My mother does the same kind of thing, though, whenever she visits -- I guess you could chalk it up to maternal instincts.

Your office mate sounds like a doofus, sorry you have to put up with that. Maybe his purpose is to push you into a new career, lol :)

kate said...

When someone does something like that unasked, i am simultaneously annoyed and grateful. Which is irritating!

Sorry about the office mate....ugh.

Rosepetal said...

My MIL just annoys me when she does that. I am still on leave, but trying to set up a regular time for them to come and spend time with Beanie, which is something we all want. I came home after an hour out and found her in my bedroom cleaning the windows, Beanie in the living room on the floor with my FIL who was reading a book (OK, one of Beanie's books) in silence.

I know I should be grateful but if I'm honest (and I was honest, with my husband :-) I was just pissed off.

Anonymous said...

When my MIL or even my own mother does that it irritates me---so when I go to their homes, I do the same to them. I move their things to where I think they should be, do their "dusting" etc.....It has made a huge difference, and they "help out" alot less, or ask if I need help before taking it upon themselves. Also, it kind of gave me pleasure to annoy them the way they annoyed me.