Thursday, March 13, 2008

The project

When the wonderful Julian's Mom was kind enough to send me yarn in the mail a couple of summers ago, I wasn't ever sure what type of project I would make. I believe it was before the arrival of Natalie and just after the conception of BB... maybe. I wanted to make something that was kind of special and that would use the beautiful merino wool to best effect.

Fast forward to the past weekend, where I unearthed the glorious stuff in the grand moving-everything-to-paint-the-basement episode. And a road trip where I would have 10 hours in the car to stitch away.

Then I realized that what I wanted to knit required a different weight of yarn. After much consultation with my mother, I came up with this:

The ribbing on the cuffs and colar will be a aqua-white-orange strip. The body of the back will be orange. The arms will be white. The front will be aqua. And I think that I have exactly the right amount of yarn to complete the project, in each colour. If there is extra, a matching scarf might happen. Or mitts - I have never made mitts before...

Thank you a million times over for this yarn. I am having fun!


Catherine said...

LOVE it! You will keep us updated on your progress, won't you? Pretty please?

My knitting is limited to scarves and other simple simple simple projects. I might, one day, branch out into washcloths. There's this dragonfly pattern I've been wanting to try. Now to just find the time...(I'm not willing to give up my sleep like you). :o)

Julia said...

It certainly looks like you are having a lot of fun.
Will you show us the finished product? Pretty please?

kate said...

That's a fab sweater!

LOL i haven't picked up my needles in ages!