Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Catching Up

Wow. This has completely become one of those once-a-week blogs. Sorry. Like I have any readership left.

I have found day care. It is a wonderful home situation, and the care provider has been doing it for 17 years. Also, she is a survivor of 6 miscarriages and her living children are both the product of fertility treatments. She works with babies and kids all day. That is heartening, somehow.

I am almost prepared for the holiday season. Gifts are purchased and will hopefully be all wrapped by the end of this evening. I am not doing any baking. I love to eat it too much and it the new suits I am buying for work will not look good with extra Christmas weight under them.

I had a very long and heavy moment where I was absolutely dumbstruck with the grief of doing Santa gifts for the first time. 3 years after the birth of my first child. Not what I pictured for my life.

I promise to add some photos of BB on the other site soon, and will notify.

I also will write a not-sucky post someday.


niobe said...

I'm so glad you found a good home daycare.

Rosepetal said...

Not a sucky post! I'm glad that you've found day-care that you feel comfortable with.

Kim said...

This is not a sucky post. It's a wonderful post and a great insight into what's going on with you... :)

Julia said...

I am so glad you found daycare-- good childcare is soooooo hard to find. We lucked out both with our nanny and then daycare/preschool. Although that was the second one we tried. The first was not so much, and we only stayed a couple of months.

I am sorry about the Santa gifts. I am learning that there will always be things that invite deep sadness in, some triggers that make it all fresh again. I am sorry.