Monday, December 10, 2007

But he's MY baby

I return to work on January 7 (afternoons only). I don't want to; I am really struggling with the idea of leaving BB with someone else, especially considering his issues with sleep. However, if I want to keep this job (which I like well enough, and would be nearly impossibly to replace without adding a huge commute to another city), I need to return once my maternity leave is over.

So I need to find daycare. I know, I know, I am really into last-minute mode here. I have less than a month to find someone. It could prove to be very difficult.

We will definitely be using home daycare, as anything else is almost non-existent here. So we are relying on word-of-mouth to find someone.

What questions should I ask? Should I ask to come and spend an afternoon with BB to see if I think it will be a good fit? HELP! I know nothing about this.


CappyPrincess said...

Absolutely you should be allowed to spend some time with the provider and BB to make sure your comfort level is good - it's a bit unsettling to leave your baby with a stranger regardless so remember to sort out your anxiety about leaving BB with "this" provider vs leaving BB with "any" provider.

The other advice I would give is drop in for an observation. You'll be able to find out things like "what does it look like when you're not expected". It's courteous to have an appointment, but it's wise to be unannounced (at least once).

I learned to also:

1)check references - ask for a list of current/former parents (if they hesistate, run) and really do call them. Ask if they have any concerns, no matter how small. Their small concern could be your major concern.

2) ask for insurance and training certificates. Are they certified in CPR and first aid? Is their CPR certification for infants and children as well as adults - there are distinct differences. Are they adequately insured in the event something should go awry?

3) Run a public records search. Some local law enforcement or child protection agencies will do this for you - some for free, some for a fee. It's as simple as providing them name, birthdate, address (social security # is helpful which you need for tax purposes in the US anyway - child care credit).

4) Ask if there are EVER other adults present and if so, whom. Check them out as well.

5) Trust your gut. If it doesn't feel right, don't over analyze. This is your child and your gut will guide you.

I wish you all the best in finding appropriate child care for BB. It's a rough task but a necessary one. Give yourself as much time as possible in the search process.

Ruby said...

Wow, cappyprincess knows her childcare stuff! That sounds great to me.

I've never used child care so I'm guessing here but...

"Have you ever been accused or convicted of any crime involving a minor?" (It's not just the answer here it's their reaction to the question.)

And just follow your gut.

Aurelia said...

Everything cappyprincess said, but also, try anyone another local mom recommends.

Personal recommendations are the real criteria that have always revealed to me what a sitter is like.

Literally at this point, I'd start asking anyone you see, put up flyers at community centres, churches, grocery stores, so you can get the widest possible choices.

KTP said...

This is a great blog written by a daycare lady in Canada. I found that it helped me cope with the transition into daycare with my older child. Good luck.