Sunday, November 18, 2007

An Open Letter

Dear Doctor F,

I quit you. Sorry.*


*How Canadian of me, this apology. I snicker at myself.


Carole said...

Hopefully sleep is restored to your house soon. I have no advice. Just a 4 year old who weasels her way into my bed sometimes. lol

pipsylou said...

I can easily CIO because my kids cry for 5 minutes, get bored, then go to sleep. I got a taste of what some parents face this week with his teething...NOT FUN.

My sister in law has children who scream so loudly for 2 hours (that was the longest she could handle it) that when you go back into the room there is vomit EVERYWHERE.

So I have no advice. Just remember he's 10 months old - and while that sounds a LOT older than newborn, it's only 10 months. So do what feels right to YOU. And if you don't know what feels right, may I highly recommend an apple martini? (I'm not kidding.)

Aurelia said...

Mmmm, apple martini, although in honour of the football heroes this week, how about a nice beer?

kate said...

I agree w/ Rach, CIO works better for some kids than others...and also things change as they get older, too. I am sorry it is so hard...and i feel your pain. You know i do!!