Saturday, November 17, 2007


Not fun.


Rosepetal said...

You're back!
I don't even know what Fe*rber is but guess it's something to do with sleep training....

Ruby said...

So your reading/trying "Solve your child's sleep problems?"

I really didn't know what this was either...I googled it. hehe

I sincerely hope it works.

Aurelia said...

Nope, we tried it once and gave up. I ended up just sending in Dad and as soon as he figured out that there was no boob coming, he decided to sleep through the night. didn't help the initial going to sleep, but eventually that worked out.

I spoke to a few other moms and they said that unlike in the $%^#$% book, it actually can take hours every night, for days and weeks on end. And then the kid gets sick, or gets old enough to crawl out of the crib, and you are right back to square one, all over again.

Good luck hon, gird for battle!