Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's the best game you can name...

We went to a preseason NHL game this week. It was great fun. I put a couple pictures on BB's photo site. It was not BB's first NHL game (we went as a family last year, but he was still in utero), but his enjoyment was a little easier to see this year. Also, this game was played in a city near us, rather than on home ice, so the travelling portion was a little easier. And, due to BB's unlimited cuteness, he was given one of the game pucks by a linesman. Too cool.

Why do some people feel it is okay to disrupt everyone around them with rude comments and loud, obnoxious behaviour? Irritating, but it was funny to watch BB give her dirty looks... my eight month old has a better sense of propriety than this 20-something.

Disappointingly, Our Team didn't win - but it is just preseason, right? We have tickets to see Our Team play the Arch Rivals in a couple of months. This upcoming game is in their home rink. I am dying to watch BB's reaction to the game in that exciting atmosphere. Our seats aren't nearly so good at this game, but I hope he will still be able to see enough to be involved in the on-ice activity.

It was fun - worth missing a nap and bedtime*. It feels so good to be able to have fun as a family. I couldn't imagine this a year ago. Sooooo good.

* We are pretty fortunate that BB gets hysterically giddy when tired, not fussy. He laughs and squeals and jumps and claps. Then he might whimper a bit, then back to the hysteria.


niobe said...

Sounds like lots of fun for all involved (except perhaps Your Team).

Julia said...

We used to be into hockey a great deal, but with the strike we got out of the habit and never picked it up again. Glad you guys are all enjoying it. Next game is going to be a blast.