Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sad and Angry

Its all gone. Well, not gone. Destroyed.

You are looking at is what used to be a 4' tall rhubarb plant. Hail. Bloody Toonie-sized hail.

My garden is destroyed. Shredded. If I am really, really lucky, the perennials and shrubs will survive with some careful pruning. No, I won't get any blooms or anything this year. But I hope they won't die.

My car will probably be written off. And we will have to buy a new one - while I am on mat. leave. A great time to spend thousands and thousands of dollars.

But this loss is what makes me want to cry my eyes out. Once something is dead, it's always dead. Which is why I am more upset about my hydrangea than my car.

Worse things have happened. To me and to you, my friends. But my garden was a source of happiness to me. To have it so instantly destroyed really, really hurts.


Laura said...

Oh D, I'm so sorry about your garden. I know exactly what you mean--that horrible ice storm that we had in January destroyed so much and it nauseates me to drive down streets that used to be shaded by huge trees and now the street is naked. The skyline has totally changed. Yes, worse things have happened, you're right, but we have to get our happiness where we can take it and I'm so sorry that your bit of it got destroyed. And I don't blame you one bit for being more upset about your hydrangea than your car. ((hugs))

Rosepetal said...

God, Delphi, I'm so so sorry about your garden. I didn't comment but I looked at the pictures and it was beautiful. Why was something that gave you so much enjoyment (and represented so much work and patience and thinking) destroyed like this? It's my dream to have a garden and I spend lots of time planning fantasy gardens in my head. I'm really sorry. But I'm glad you are safe.

Julia said...

You know, I have noticed that surviving the big storms takes so much out of us that it is the littler things that tip us over.
I am sorry about your garden. It's so true that death is irreversible, and, therefore, much more upsetting...

kate said...

Oh, i'm so sorry....that is just awful!! huge hailstorm in July? WTF??? sending (((((((hugs))))))

niobe said...

Hail that destroyed your garden and your car? As Kate put it: WTF is going on here? Is this this common (I hesitate to say "normal")? Because, to me, this just sounds downright bizarre.

I feel terrible when any of my plants die. How horrible to lose an entire garden.

I really, really hope that some of your garden does manage to survive and bloom again next year. I've found that plants are often much more resilient than I give them credit for, so there may be a chance that you haven't lost as much as you fear. Though I know that the possibility probably doesn't do anything to make this summer less painful.

delphi said...

Sadly, it is relatively normal for destructive hail around here. Farmers call it "The Great White Harvest" because they get a pay-out on their hail insurance when their crops are destroyed by hail.

Half our city is making insurance claims. There is a 2 week waiting list (maybe more) to see an adjuster. We just noticed that my husband's car is damaged, too.

Aussie Kate said...

Delphi, I'm so sorry that your garden has been destroyed :( I know how much love and attention you put into that garden in the weeks, months and years since C passed. I am sorry you have had to go through this.

msfitzita said...

Oh Delphi, I would be devastated too. My garden is my sanctuary - I love tending to my plants and nurturing them and watching them grow. I can totally understand why you're so upset.

And I'm so sorry.


P.S. I can get my hands on some gorgeous old purple irises if you want to start rebuilding. I'm getting some for myself from my mom and dad's garden (they got them from my grandmother's garden years and years ago and they desperately need splitting). There are a LOT. I don't know how I'd get them to you, but please let me know.