Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Have you read this Globe and Mail article yet? Because you should. Don't look at the reader comments, though. I think that the only people who comment on these types of discussion boards are zealots. And zealots are never worth listening to. But do leave a comment on the Directory post, because I am quite certain that the author of the piece will see it there. I think it is an amazingly brave piece of writing, deserving of as much kudos as I can give. Thank you for using such a nation wide forum to be active on behalf of bereaved parents.

P.S. The Globe and Mail is as wide read and important in Canada as the New York Times is in the US.


No news from the gallbladder front. One of the down-sides to public health care is that you have to wait for days to get "urgent" medical tests. The up-side to public health care is that the only bill I will have to pay for my little hospital stay will be for the ambulance ride (came in the mail today).

I can't eat any fat without chancing another attack. Oh, chocolate, how I love you. Cheese, my friend, what is life without you? Pastries? Bacon?


I have something of a memory garden. It is and it isn't. Most of the plants that I put in as ornamentals are chosen for some significant reason (i.e. "baby" in the cultivar title). But then, some of them are simply there for functionality (i.e. the Pavement roses along the sidewalk who's sole purpose is to poke the dickens out of any wayward schoolchild who thinks that s/he should walk in my perennial garden instead of on the sidewalk). The point being this: I am going to try and get some pictures on here. Because they are pretty.


BB looks like his brother. I don't know how I feel about that.


Julie said...

Thanks for sharing that article. I will go read it in just a bit.....

I hope you are feeling better. My mom had gallbladder issues, and would get so so so sick. It got alot better after having it removed.

Evan and Lauren BOTH looked exactly like Caleb. Well, actually, Lauren has a ton more hair, but they all looked like they could possibly be the same baby. Sometimes it's still hard. Especially when I look at them now, as they change, and wonder if Caleb would look just like Evan does now, or if his looks would have totally changed. The questions never end I guess. :sigh:

niobe said...

I love your idea of defensive plantings aimed at keeping unwanted children out. Maybe I should consider it.

missing_one said...

Okay so all I need to do to keep the horrid neighbor kids out of my yard is to plant some thorns? Sounds good to me.
I had gall bladder issues and eventually had it removed and I can still eat chocolate and bacon now (just in smaller quantities, mostly the bacon)
Hope you feel better

Lori said...

I agree that public comments on articles such as the one you mentioned seem to bring out the crazies. I have forced myself to stop reading them- like the ones in reference to the MissingAngel bill, because they get me way too upset over the opinions of people who really, really shouldn't matter to me.

My children all look the same so it stands to reason the twins would have too. They bore a strong resemblance to each other, and to their older brothers. I agree, I don't really know how I feel about this other than I have gotten used to the idea that we seem to produce clones.