Saturday, April 21, 2007

A little tired of it all

Honestly, where I live (which is rather conservative in it's mindset), abortion is just not the hot button issue it seems to be in the USA. It's there, and people talk about it, but legislators and politicians barely talk about it at all. I think all Canadians know that the Conservative Party is generally against abortion, the Liberals are for, but when it comes to winning elections, regional concerns are so much more important (i.e. softwood lumber, oil, farming conditions, the Quebec question, the fisheries). The environment is now rated as the #1 issue for Canadians (last poll I heard on the CBC) and health care is a close second.

Yet, I feel inundated by this war that is raging (especially online) with regards to abortion. And people that I really care about are facing termination decisions. People who really want their babies. People who may make a termination choice because they feel that it is the right thing for their family, not because it makes their lives any easier. I cannot pass judgement on these people that I care about because life dealt them a shitty hand and they have to make a horrifying choice.

I respect everyone has a right to their own opinion. I am just tired of the personal, mean, and spiteful nature of the discourse.

I hate abortion as a means of birth control: it is unfathomable. But I have nothing but respect for anyone who faces a choice regarding termination for medical reasons, regardless of which choice they make. I am proud of Rach for choosing Lu and I am proud of Cecily for choosing to let her boys go to allow Tori to enter the world.

All we can do is what is right for our families.

I don't need a bunch of hateful comments about this post, either, so I am disabling comments.