Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Depends on where you're sitting

I went to hear a naturopathic doctor speak last night. I am not really a "crunchy granola type", but several young moms were going to be there. And I am on a quest to meet some people. So I went.

It was fine. I have a pretty good filter for things that I think are crap or impractical. For example, he insists that we should only drink or bathe in water without chlorine in it, in case it is absorbed through the skin. Excuse me, but how do you propose I do that? The water that comes out of our tap is chlorinated and the chlorine is why we can live in this part of the world and not die of water-borne diseases. Shall I call the Culligan man every time I want to have a shower? And I can't afford organic food and I'm not entirely convinced it is so much better for me anyway....

Well, I didn't buy his line completely (though I agree we should eat whole foods and avoid processed foods as much as possible).

What really got me was how he tried to use guilt and scare tactics to convince us to change our ways. That studies* have shown that the layers of umbilical cords contain toxins (not that it is your fault, Mommy). That if we don't shape up, we are killing ourselves, our babies, our children.

He dropped the "killing our babies" phrase like a bombshell. I wanted to snort derisively in his face. Frankly, that doesn't scare me. I know more about dead babies than you will ever, ever know. And organic food has nothing to do with why my son is dead. Now piss off.

And there I sat, alone in my internal rant, surrounded by nodding heads.

*I loved how he pandered around the phrase "studies have shown" and made no reference to the number of studies nor to who performed the studies. Just "studies".


Catherine said...

I JUST saw a shower head on one of those TV offers that filters out the chlorine from shower water. I thought about buying it, since I am highly sensitive to chlorine (drinking it gives me horrible abdominal cramps). But I didn't write down the phone number and now I can't remember where to find the stupid thing. Maybe that's what happened to my babies! I should have known it was SO SIMPLE! OK...OK...OK.../sarcasm. But I AM going to find that shower head and send it to you. :o)

kate said...

We used to use those shower heads when we lived in a place with a high level of chlorine in the water. It is alot better for the skin, if you can filter it out. Probably google can help you find one ;)

Yeah, gotta love those scare tactics though.

Yeah, i know i am not supposed to be blogging but i am waiting for some work to load....yes, seriously, i am. Uh-huh.

delphi said...

A shower head! Well, that makes sense! I have never even seen an add for something like that where I live, but it seems as though these types of things have to make it big in the USA before they come to my little Canadian Outpost.

I think that much of my anger towards this guy was that he was telling us WHAT we should do (guilt, guilt, guilt), but offering absolutly no suggestions as to HOW we should do it.

Now, I wonder if my acne would clear up of I wasn't washing my face in chlorinated water...