Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Random thoughts ***updated***

Someone said to me today "just wait until you have the next one." Are you freakin' kidding? I guarantee NO ONE that there will be "another one". I love the thought of BB having a younger brother or sister, but I am in no way mentally equipped at this time to contemplate surviving another pregnancy.

This makes me think of a friend who gave birth and in the delivery room asked her husband "do you like her? Good. You aren't getting another!" The labour and delivery was painful and long and she didn't want to go through that again (she did have a second child, btw). This is NOT what I am talking about. Labour and delivery is the easy part. It's the getting there that nearly killed me.

When the time comes, I suspect we will try to have a third child. PLEASE don't ask me to think about that now. BB and Husband and I are fine, just the way we are.


Where are all these people that are supposed to be here helping me out? I got a lot of "if you need anything, just call" comments from people. I suppose I should do that - but I feel like it would be rude for me to call up a work acquaintance and say "Look, I just don't have it in me to clean my bathroom - would you mind?" What I am dying for here is for someone to call me and say "Hey, can I come over and clean your bathroom and keep an eye on BB while you sleep?" Oh, isn't that the pipe-dream of every new mother.

Isn't that what MY mother is supposed to do? Please refer to description of dysfunctional relationship below. And, btw, why is it a cardinal sin to leave dirty dishes in her sink, but it is okay for her to leave them in mine???

It was the same when C. died. "If there is anything I can do..." Those open-ended offers never did anyone any good. You gotta offer to do something specific. I know that now... I just wish others knew it, too.


BB is really a good baby. I am reading Secrets of the Baby Whisperer on the advice of a good friend. We will see if a 2 week old baby really can be scheduled. The author claims it's possible. I think I will take the method with a grain of salt - she has some great advice, but some of seems a little crackpot-ish. I am hoping that BB will take to the method well.

I bought BB a pacifier today. The nurses all said wait 6 weeks. Frankly, he needs to suck more than my boob or my finger can handle. That's why they make pacifiers, after all. Probably this makes me a bad mother is some eyes. Too bad. Boobies are for eating, not for fun. Well, not that kind of fun...

Okay. Poopie to deal with.


Okay, so I know about little boys and covering the shooting end when changing them. However, BB is smarter than that. He knows to hold it until the moment he feels the breeze, then --- WATER FOUNTAIN! Or, alternately, he pees a little on the cloth, then when I move it (thinking the peeing is all done), he pees again - this time with gusto. He has peed on every outfit he's worn for the last 24 hours. Almost every diaper change involves a delicate little arc of pee, gracefully aimed at his clothes, the wall, and his face.

The random peeing I was prepared for. I've seen Parenthood after all. It is the projectile poopies that took me off guard (she says as she approaches the dresser - which is 3' from the change table - with a bucket of soapy water).


rach said...

Girrrrrrrrl, you CRACK me up. Seriously. Just reading this post made me laugh. I don't know if that was the intention.

"Do you want another one?" Are people really asking that? As you nurse your 2-week-old for the 8th time in 1 hour?!

I know what you mean about the bathroom cleaning. Thank God my mom likes to clean. If you get desperate and call your coworker, I've got to hear how that conversation goes... :)

Thinking of you!

Bronwyn said...

I wish I could offer you more than virtual support -- you shouldn't have to do this new mom thing without some help!

Hope the baby whispering thing pays off. Maybe you can start brainwashing him now to clean his room and set the table for dinner... :)

rach said...

isn't it a TRIP? he peed and hit himself in the face...and it's HILARIOUS to watch them poop!!!!!! grunt grunt groan

Rosepetal said...

If I was there I would drop by with some cooked dinner, some to put in the freezer and I would finish up your washing up and do a load of laundry (doing a load of laundry entails sorting, putting in machine, taking out of machine, hanging / tumble drying, folding / ironing, putting away in closet, as I frequently try to explain to my DH when he says "but I did the laundry").

Go on, I dare you. Call one of those people up and ask them to do something. Just to see what happens. Or give your mom explicit, well defined tasks :o) My dad is like that, he doesn't do anything to help off his own initiative, but if you give him very explicit, undodgeable instructions, it works.

But, all that aside, it's just sooo great that BB is doing all that peeing and pooping stuff. It puts a smile on my face. :o)

kate said...

Hee hee hee hee hee!

Julian's Mom said...

I hear you. Not one person has volunteered to clean my apartment as I expected. Not after Julian was born, not after Natalie was born. Nada. Visitors are nice, but are mainly a distraction from the routines we are trying to hard to establish, and more dishes for us moms to clean up. Harumph.

And as for another one? I always feel at that point that I need to remind people that I've already had two, and not the easy way. Fuggedaboutit. The question alone is enough to make me go postal.