Monday, January 01, 2007

Nesting? Nope - panicking.

Things I have done since last post:
  • put up all decor in the nursery (DH did most of it)
  • washed all baby linens
  • sewed curtain for the nursery
  • sewed pillow covers for decoration in the nursery
  • bought and assembled car seat and stroller (I paid, he assembled)
  • cleaned the nursery, including polishing the floors (all his work, not mine)

In Other News:

I think we've established that I am all about anonymity. But I really would like to share some things, too. So here is what we will do:

If you would like a baby announcement, with a picture, leave your email address in the comments section or email me at eightmillionpieces [at] gmail [dot] com. If I think I can trust you not to track me down and murder me, then I will add you to the list.

If you are interested in seeing a few of the projects that I have made that I won't post photos of (for fear of recognition), let me know - I will email those things too.

Also, for those who have asked, it is possible that I may establish a PO box for snail mail deliveries. Waiting for Canada Post to be open long enough to check into the details. Email if you want this info.

OK. Now I must spend at least 6 hours knitting if I am going to take this blanket to the hospital with me (in less than 2 weeks, I hope).


Serina said...

I've been following your blog for months now after following a link from somewhere or other, silently cheering you on. I'd love to see a picture of the little one! My email is
Best of luck in the coming weeks .. it's promising to be such a special time for you :)

whatthef*ck said...

i will definitely email you fo rthe address and to give you my address. that's so great that you've been getting all ready. i can't wait to hear the good news. i think i've been harboring a fantasy for you that teh birth of your baby will make things right in your world. while i guess it will go a long way towards making things right, i can't knowingly join the camp of those who want this baby to make everything all better for you. i mean, it won't take away the pain of losing your son and nobody can expect it to. i guess it might be complicated, the other meotions that you might feel alongside the joy of having your pink, perfect baby in your arms. i hope this isn't depressing. i was just thinking of how much i can't wait for you to be so happy when your baby is born. i am realizing as i 'm sure you already have that there will be a bittetrsweet component. i wonder if somebody like deadbabymama can help you know what you might expect when the baby is born. i guess her blog probably covers it.

having said all that i still can't wait to hear the good news and i hope the baby's birth is overwhelmingly joyful. i guess i just want to recognize that it won't change what happened and you're not suppposed to be suddenly all better now and i hope you don't discover yet another way for people to not understand what you are going through. i am on the edge of my seat, waiting to here about all of it. joy, pain, sadness, grief, love. wow this is going to be huge. good luck with getting your induction date settled. give 'em hell if you have to!

Treggles said...

How very sensible of you to offer private emails to protect your blog's anonymity. I've been wondering what I'll do when the time comes for us to be making an announcement, so may follow your lead come March.

I'll email you shortly...

Rosepetal said...

Delphi, email me everything! My email address is pumpumsmum(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk
I will be thinking of you tomorrow at your OB visit. Good luck with getting the induction date.

Angela said...

I've been lurking for months now as well. I would love an announcement! My email is boxofmaniacs(at)gmail(dot)com...I promise you won't have to worry about any tracking and murdering. =) Okay, I hope that didn't sound incredibly creepy. I truly hope everything goes well for you and the Babe.

V said...

I would love an email with pictures. Please send me one to Best of luck.

Julian's Mom said...

I want to see EVERYTHING! You know where to find me. I can't believe this will all be over soon and am so glad you're making preparations! xo-Alysse

kate said...

oh i am so excited for you!!!!

Email me email me email know where to find me ;)

three minute palaver said...

yes, yes, email me everything too. I'm at

Aussie Kate said...

I've been away for a few days and just had to jump on my computer as soon as we got home to see how you guys are doing. Well done on washing the small clothes, I completely understand its a big step. And YAY that the family has finally departed, enjoy the peace and quiet for a while.

Of course, I want to see everything, I'll drop you an email. I know that January is a tough month for us both, but your impending delivery is bringing warmth to my heart at this tough time of the year.

Rosepetal said...

I will be checking back after my birthday dinner with DH to see what news there is.... Good luck with getting the doctor to tell you what you want to hear!

Julie said...

Yes, I wanna see it all!!! Email me at calebsmom03(at)yahoo(dot)com.