Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mini Update

I saw all necessary doctors and had weekly tests. Nothing to report, really. Will repeat all tests (NST, ultrasound, internal exam, etc.) next week and see where we are.

In other news, I have discovered I really don't like sharing an office with anyone. Which I will do for a few more days (until I start my leave). It is creepy to have someone in your space.

I accomplished knitting goal #1 - to complete 3 rows of the pattern and work in all the ends up to that point. Knitting goal #2 - to complete 4th row of the pattern by the end of the week.

P.S. Is anyone aware of any parenting books that are geared towards parenting after loss? Or parenting after a traumatic event? I couldn't find anything in the searches that I did.


Treggles said...

"Nothing to report" sounds good to me.

Rosepetal said...

So they didn't give you a date for your induction? Well anyway, I am glad that everything is okay. I can only imagine the moments of stress and panic you must feel at times re the Babe's birth, but from what you are writing (e.g. washing his clothes etc.) it seems to me you are doing very well.

Lots of love, thinking of you both and of C. whose birthday is also this month although I don't know when exactly it is.

Catherine said...

Pictures. You can't talk knitting without pictures. :o)

Julian's Mom said...

I see you changed your ticker. No induction date? I'm glad everything is okay, but I don't want you to have to wait 29 more days! I only know about the books about pregnancy after a loss, which briefly discuss feelings you may have about parenting a living child, but unfortunately, they don't go much further than that. Let me know if you find anything!

kate said...

No induction date? I do admit to some disappointment here. Still, it can't be long. You gotta start trying all those fun at-home induction techniques (except the castor oil and the cohosh, those can be dangerous). Just get your dh to cooperate, wink wink nudge nudge.

I thought Ann Douglas had a book in that direction? I have no real advice about parenting after a loss except to get the monitor which has the motion sensor (AngelCare i think it is called).

Aussie Kate said...

Excellent news that all tests were fine.

What, no induction date??? Are these people trying to torture you ;)

Well done on the knitting, good 'ol nesting at play, huh?

I dont have any tips for books on parenting after a loss, only as Alysse says there are sections in the well known preg after loss books. I found the standard books were fine from a practical point of view, and we just muddled through on the emotional side.

Hugs, Kate xo

Emma's Mum said...

I am thinking about you every day and sending lots of love and good thoughts. You are very strong and and I am proud of you!!

Gail said...

I'm happy all is well.