Monday, January 22, 2007

Just call me "Boobie"

Not that I mind. But being on a 2-3 hour feeding schedule is a HUGE change of lifestyle. He really is a great eater, though, and gets a full feed down in about 30 minutes. Great poopie diapers and wet ones, too.

I have had my moments of seeing what we lost with C., but fortunately they haven't been overwhelming. What is more important to me is that people around me don't forget about C. It really bugs me when someone refers to my parents as "new grandparents". Yes, I recognize that this is the first time that they have had a chance to sit an coo at a new little life. But it is insulting to C. to completely ignore his existence in that way.

Because I spent C.'s birthday in labour, we intend to do our candles and sparklers and cupcakes at the cemetery today when my husband gets home from work. And my husband also bought flares. It will be a birthday celebration that would excite a two year old, that's for sure.

Now, quick run down of the birth story:
  • went for induction on the Friday. Politics and lack of beds resulted in Cervidil application on Saturday. Some contractions resulted in 2 cm dilation. Began Pitocin at suppertime on Sunday. Around 10:30 pm, a pinprick artificial rupture of membranes was performed to release excess fluids related to polyhydramnios. Sometime around midnight, received an epidural that didn't entirely work. Pushed for 10 minutes to birth at 2:41 a.m. All in all, a hurry-up-and-wait process. Thank God it is over.
  • surprisingly, it was all much less traumatic than I thought it would be. Once things got started, I just knew that he was going to be okay. It was the waiting to start that was the hardest part.

Now, to brag a little. He actually slept on his own in his bassinet between feedings last night. I got about 5 hours of sleep overnight. That is freaking amazing! What a wunderkind we have produced!


whatthef*ck said...

okay boobie! so glad for the update and glad to hear that you are feeling so happy and not too affected by sadness. thank god for the sense of okayness during the delivery! it all sounds so good. and sleeping in his own bassinet, that sounds great. much easier than him sleeping on one of you while you sit upright and sleep like shit because you are afraid he is going to fall off. clearly he is an advanced and very speciial baby!!well done.

kate said...

Wowie that is amazing sleeping! And good job with the boobie! Truly a wunderkind!

Yes, i also found that Chloe's birth was not traumatic -- it was about her, not about what had happened before with Nicolas. The post-partum period was hard, though.

I am sure C.'s birthday celebration will be very cool...sparklers and flares, awesome.

NervousKitty said...

Yay for sleeping! It really makes a world of difference.

Congratulations to you. I'm glad you're feeling good.

Laura said...

What a great update! This must all just be so amazing, I can't even imagine. Well, maybe I could :) I am just in tears with happiness for you and your husband--I'm just thrilled for you guys! Baby brother really does sound like a wunderkind!

ps--sorry I haven't been around much. Still no power. I didn't get a picture :(

Rosepetal said...

How was C.'s birthday? He had his baby brother with him. It sounds like you are in a good place emotionally which is great! I was wondering how the whole mixed up emotional thing would be for you.

Of course CJW is a wunderkind, how could he not be ;o)

Aussie Kate said...

Hey Boobie, thanks for the update ;) Sounds like things are going brilliantly for your new little man in the feeding and sleeping dept. And I'm very pleased to hear the actual delivery wasnt too traumatic.

I hope that the birthday celebrations for C go well, it sounds like you have some wonderful ways to mark the special occasion.

Hugs, Kate xo