Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bits 'n pieces

Tomorrow is big exam day. My body is currently ill-suited to sitting for 6 hours straight (OK, not straight, I do get a lunch break). My brain is ready, my body is not.

And the exam monitor is not supposed to let me leave the room to pee. Good thing I know the exam monitor personally and suspect she is willing to bend the rules for my poor, little cramped bladder.

Please, please, please send me tons of good vibes tomorrow. Especially the kind that help with backaches.


We saw our GP on Wednesday. She was not particularly concerned with anything that our OB discovered last week. In some ways, that is a consolation to me. She is a good doctor who cares a lot about us and she isn't worried about the Babe right now. In other ways, I want a reaction. I want my caregivers to spring into action at any sign of difficulty.

I did, however, get her to agree to me doing weekly NSTs from this point forward. Hooray! Though the NSTs are certainly not "non-stress"-ful, they are really the only touchstone that I have with the Babe's well-being.


I like cake. Yummmmm.


Rosepetal said...

GOOD LUCK with the exams.

Not letting you out to pee sounds utterly ridiculous. At uni, there were students who couldn't sit three hours without smoking and they were allowed out for crying out loud!

Sarah said...

I hope your exams go well!! And that you can relax all weekend!

Sarah said...

I hope your exams go well!! And that you can relax all weekend!

kate said...

Thinking of you for the exams today! And yay for the weekly NST's!