Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Took the words right out of my fingers...

deadbabymama just wrote the rant I hadn't had a chance to write yet.


Just what we need, another deranged act of violence blamed on the insane dead-baby parents. Because that's what we all do after our babies die - go out and murder 5 (and counting...) second-through-sixth grade Amish girls.

P.S. Why does the media pronounce "dead baby" in terms that explains why a deranged man would kill innocent girls (you know, so he wouldn't have to molest them)? And why do people who accept that as an explaination find it odd that I don't care to be around pregnant people?

In my world, the math would work like this:
killing people = bad. very, very bad
avoiding people that make you feel sad = understandable

In the rest of the world:
killing people = understandable, he has a dead kid, afterall
avoiding people that make you feel sad = you shouldn't let it bother you, you aren't a very good person if you can't get past such a small detail, are you?

Huh?? Huh??


Lorem ipsum said...

If he thought he was in hell at the time, consider what the mother of his child felt. Consider what he's going through now.

So sad that being a "dead baby" parent is getting such negative press. No wonder it scares the hell out of people--to have a dead kid is to make oneself an instant suspect. Look out terrorists!

kate said...

I posted something on my blog about this, but took it down.


I didn't really hear anything on the radio that made me feel like they were blaming the death of his daughter for his crimes. But then again, i tend to limit my media exposure precisely for this reason...

Rosepetal said...

His premature daughter was also mentioned in the press here; but they rarely have anything original to say so I assume they got it from the BBC.

There's nothing to add to your post - it's wrong to go out and shoot people and having a dead baby isn't the reason.