Friday, September 15, 2006

WARNING: Photo of my belly

I took some tummy photos yesterday. Recording 20 weeks for posterity. Some might prefer not to see such a photo - so if this isn't your cup of tea, don't scroll down.

So, I'm not that big am I?


Aussie Kate said...

What a gorgeous bump!!! It warms my hear to think of Babe in there, comfy and warm. Ignore those silly comments from others - your bump is the perfect size for where it needs to be for this stage of the pregnancy.

Hugs xo

kate said...

Not at all too big! Whoever said you were, i can't imagine what they were thinking -- you look beautiful and perfect.

Cheek said...

You look fantastic!

msfitzita said...

You look fabulous!!! In fact, I'm retroactively jealous because with Thomas people I worked with didn't know I was pregnant at 5 months (partly because all the "me" hid the "him") and I was devastated. I wanted to look pregnant (and not just fat) SO badly!

Ignore the rude comments and flaunt that pretty tummy.