Sunday, September 17, 2006

I would prefer easy...

They have begun again. Contractions. Strong enough to cause me to breath a little heavier. Not regular. Not really painful, though slightly uncomfortable.

My water hasn't broken. I can only assume there have been no cervix changes. I can't see my doctor until Tuesday, and she basically said that there wasn't much to do about them anyway. They are pissing the baby off, since every time I get one, I get the crap beat out of me.

I am trying to keep from moving, which seems to keep them at bay, as much as anything does.

Don't I sound calm? Fatalistic might be a better word. My last trip to the ER was exactly a month ago, for the same complaint. They told me at 16 weeks, there wasn't anything they would/could do. I am 99% certain that I would get the same answer if I were to go again. And spending the day sitting in ER with non-OB doctors looking at me like I am in the wrong location is not my idea of a fun Sunday afternoon.

Like I want another ER doctor to condescendingly tell me (after I told him that I delivered my son at term) that "you will know if they are real labour contractions". Screw you, Dr. Arrogant.

I might be doing the wrong thing here. How the hell can I make objective decisions about medical care at this point in my history? Maybe I should be going into ER and demanding that they call in my doctor. I just don't know.

Why does this always happen on the weekends?

The contractions are not painful. They are not regular. My waters are intact. They baby is active. So here I sit.


kate said...

I don't know either...can you call your doctor after-hours? Page him? If not i would probably go to the ER, if they continue, and make THEM call him -- just in case. And though i know there isn't much they can do if you start full-blown labor, i think there are things they can do to help stop that from happening. Or at least to try.

Thinking of you and the Babe...

Julian's Mom said...

You sound extremely calm, so I hope that's real and that you are not too terribly worried. Did you have these contractions with your first baby? If you do start to get worried, I hope you will consider going to the ER although I know it's no fun and often a waste of time. I'm thinking of you guys!