Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hormones, hormones...

I know that every time I go to sleep I will dream about whatever it was that I watched on TV or read about in the hours before sleep. So, since I had to do my UCA reading before bed, I did my best to avert my mind from Dead Baby Dreams. So I read Geisha for an hour, after doing the UCA reading. Instead of dreaming that I was in Japan working as a geisha, I dreamt that I was at a conference somewhere (possibly learning about Japanese culture??) and got a phone call from my doctor that she was sure that the baby would probably die. And that I shouldn't feel too badly about it - it happens.*


So then I got up for my ritual 2:00 a.m. pee (I had been asleep for all of 90 minutes at that point) and somehow had to rid my pitiful little brain of all things dead baby. Which of course is virtually impossible. Which meant that the remainder of my sleep was punctuated with dead baby references. Sheesh.

The other night, after watching Walk the Line, I had romantic dreams wherein I was June Carter and my husband was Johnny Cash, you know after the drug problem. That was a pretty good dream. Why can't I have that dream nightly?

Since this has been happening daily since I peed on the stick, you would think that I would be smarter about it all. No dead baby anything in my brain in the hours leading up to sleep. In fact, I should watch a romantic comedy every night before bed. Nocturnal episodes starring dreamy Leading Men would be okay, now wouldn't they? I should use my powers for good. Or at least for smarmy Harlequin Romance dreams...

Hormones, people, hormones!

*p.s. I doubt that my doctor would ever say that.


Lorem ipsum said...

I envy your predictable dreams! At least the good ones. There's this alternative-universe dream about my old university and I used to dream about it all the time; now I wonder whether I'll ever see it again.

I just wish wish wish you didn't have the DB part to deal with. It turns the sweetest dreams into every kind of nightmare.

Laura said...

Oh man. I know. I've been trying to stay up as late as possible and watch Family Guy. If I go to bed too early, I'm up half the night thinking up horrible things.