Friday, August 04, 2006

On the road again...

Just what my pained pelvic region needs - another car trip. But off we go on yet another adventure in nostalgia. A dear friend is joining the ranks of us "marrieds" this weekend, so off we go.

Please, please, please let there be no comments that make my stomach drop 15 feet, my knees weak, my breath leave me, and the colour drain from my face. People that knew me 10 years ago but don't know me now might be just the people to make those comments. And I now have a belly that is hard to hide.

Though my skin is getting thicker by the day, I still cannot blow off the things that people say to me. But that just isn't my personality - I must fester and muse and worry until it loses its pain, or I have something else to fester over. At least my husband loves me this way (not exactly loving the trait, but still loving the person).

No stress, zen, la la la. I can do this. Besides, we have a great hotel room to escape to if escape is warranted.

P.S. I am switching fully to maternity clothes. Each time I do laundry, the regular clothes that don't fit get moved into a Rubbermaid tub. Maternity clothes make you look pregnant.

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kate said...

Oh boy...i hope you have a calm and peaceful trip. Okay, maybe that is a little optimistic but hey.

Oddly enough, i found that when i was visibly pg with Chloe, it was easier to talk about Nicolas. And i didn't get too many stupid comments like 'i am sure it will be ok this time' (a few, but not THAT many). I hope you find that your experience is similar.