Thursday, August 17, 2006


Well, I made my first panicked trip to see my local medical practitioners. I have been experiencing painless contractions off and on. They have assured me that all is well with the Babe and that there is no evidence of physical changes in me. So, not premature labour.

Nonetheless, it is terrifying when things aren't just tripping along. I am stressed. My husband is stressed. The doctors are kind and understanding, but keep telling me that there is nothing they can do about it.

So I am kind of on a modified bedrest. I am supposed to "take it easy" and see how things go. Activity seems to exacerbate the problem, so yep, that's me, laying on my left side watching reruns on daytime television. My holidays are over on Sunday so, if things worsen, I will call my doctor and get a release for real bedrest. Fortunately my job is not physical, so I suspect that I won't have to stop working. But I am more than willing to spend the next 24 weeks in bed if I need to.

Those kicks are pretty precious at this point.

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kate said...

Well, at least it is not PTL but i am sorry that you are experiencing this. Why can't it be easy!?

Yes, take it easy and enjoy those kicks...i hope these wierd contractions just go away....hey, we can always hope, right?