Saturday, July 15, 2006

Twitch.......... twitch......... twitch

Sitting at the computer is particularly maddening. Or watching the tv. You know, looking with not a lot of eye movements. I am bringing the twitching up at my next prenatal appointment, if for some god-forsaken reason it is still happening come the second week of August. ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

Nothing new to report, really. Much of Canada is experiencing extraordinarily hot weather. Oh global warming, you are really having your fun with us. Trust me, anyone will wilt if forced to engage in normal outdoor summer activities when it is 37 degrees Celsius out there. Lookit - I live in Canada, not Oman, so I just don't care for prolonged time periods when breathing is labourious because of the heat. Especially when I have to deal with -37 degrees for two weeks most Januaries (trust me, breathing is difficult then, too).

Enough complaining! I do too much of it lately.

Did I tell anyone what an amazing man I married? He actually puts up with most of the complainyness (though his patience, that of a saint, is beginning to thin a little after 3 months of constant groaning and whinging). He goes places and picks up things for me while I lie on the couch. He does the dishes that I leave lying around every night. He mows the lawn in 37 degree heat. He lets me sleep while he takes care of familial matters.

Not much substance to this post. All is well with Baby, as near as I can tell. And the people at the local box store can see me coming - put out irresistibly cute short sets, 6-9 month size, hang a 40% off sign, and you've got me loading a cart. This baby is going to be the best dressed person in the family.

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kate said...

Spoiling the baby already, eh? ;)

Ugh, the you have air conditioning? I hope you do!