Thursday, July 27, 2006


Okay, so Environment Canada told me that it was going to be a hot summer. I just have learned that a healthy disbelief in anything that Environment Canada says is generally a good line of defense against getting your hopes too high.

One of the results of the current heatwaves (more days above 30 degrees C than not!!!), is that I had an utter panic while in cottage country, when I got it into my head that I had allowed myself to get too hot. And I think we all are aware of the dangers of getting too hot.

So into the lake I went. Where it was a little too cool, and a little funky because of the heat and wind that day, and another swimmer picked up a leach. Where I decided that the shock to the system of the cool water would hurt the Babe.

So, out of the lake. Where I proceed to unload my irrational fears on my husband, and worry the hell out of him.

Time passes. Like 30 minutes. When I realize the insanity of my paranoia, explain said paranoia to my husband, and cancel the panic trip to the nearest emergency room (70 minutes away).

Oy. This is a long 40 weeks, isn't it?

Also, advice needed:
  1. What is the deal with buying a Doppler in Canada? Are there regulations? Where did you buy yours? Why am I embarrassed to ask my doctor about it? Should I buy one? Is the $130 one on eBay worth it? - perhaps an email response would be good here...
  2. What on earth can I do to deal with this gas? Bloating and pain unending...
  3. I think I am feeling movement, but it may well be the gas. Is there any possible way that I am feeling those first flutters at only 13 weeks?

Finally, YAY for baby Natalie. Hooray!!!!

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Aussie Kate said...

Ah, the joys of a subsequent pregnancy ;) The paranoia can be a constant companion if we let it, cant it?

No help on the doppler, maybe renting might be an option where you are. No great ideas about the bloating either. And yes, you CAN feel movement at about 13 weeks, I have always felt my babies early (13-14 weeks). Its esp likely when its not your first, as you know what the movement feels like.

Heres to the movements getting stronger and stronger each day.

And I'm with you - YAY for Natalie's arrival! I am overjoyed at her safe arrival.

Kate xo