Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm identifying with wildlife now.

They now say that the eagles' eggs are not going to hatch. In my car at lunch I heard a radio personality joking about how people are watching the eagles do nothing all day, and the punchline is that the eggs won't hatch. I don't find it funny.

Poor Momma Bird...I know what it is like when the egg doesn't hatch.


kate said...

That is very sad....i identify with her too. I hadn't been watching them but i knew about them. Whoever said that on the radio, was a complete idiot. It would be sad even if the birds weren't endangered!

There is a pretty little book, let me see if i can find the link.

kate said...

click on Kota Press Projects, go to Outreach: Mrs. Duck Project and you can read an online version of Kara's Mrs. Duck book. Hope that works!