Thursday, May 04, 2006

And, of course, you all...

Inspired by Treggles, I think I will do my own headcount of "real-life" folks who know of our continued secret attempts to achieve pregnancy:

My Husband
Our pastor and his wife
Our grief counselor
Our friends, Mr. and Mrs. H
Various medical professionals:
- our doctor
- our doctor's nurses (several that I know personally, but have never commented outside of office hours, YAY for confidentiality)
- the obgyn that did the HSG in February
- potentially the RE that we are being referred to (depending if the letter has arrived yet)

I imagine numerous people in our lives would probably guess that we are thinking of getting pregnant, but are too afraid to ask. Then there are my 2 relatives who flat out asked me and I stumbled around a bit before lying to them. I feel like everyone knows, but I think that is just a bad case of hypersensitive self-protectiveness.


kate said...

Well, really, if you don't want to tell them, it is none of their damned business, is it!? Sheesh. Nosy relatives, ugh....

Treggles said...

Gosh, what a compliment: I've often wondered if I ever inspire anyone; now I have evidence!