Friday, April 21, 2006


Wow, what was that? The sound of a lead balloon going over?

Check out the number of comments from my last posts. Wow. Did I ever get you going with that post! Now, don't be insulted - I am just teasing. Actually, I am laughing at myself. Didn't our parents always tell us to keep politics and religion out of polite conversation? But I am not very polite...anyway, it was my theological/philosophical stuff, not yours. I needed to sort that stuff out, did the dirty work, and now can move on (for a while) on to topics of more interest to my (imagined?) readers.

Onwards and upwards...I will be drinking alcohol this weekend. As much or as little as I want. I even managed to be patient enough that I didn't waste any pee-sticks! My rational hopes were not high for this cycle, but the irrational hopes were up for a few moments.

I still have not heard from the RE. I wonder when that letter will come. I hope that I don't get put on the non-urgent list because I am not yet 30 and have been pregnant before. I feel like this is getting ridiculous and I need to get going on the medical intervention.

You may have noticed, when I posted my chart a week ago, that I noted "eggwhite cervical fluid" on my chart for a number of days. Strictly speaking, that was a stretch (or not a stretch? ha, ha, a little fertility humour, there). I was NOT happy with the quality/quantity of cervical fluid. I would describe, but frankly I doubt you are that interested in the details of the inner workings of my reproductive organs. Suffice it to say, I am wondering if this has been the problem all along. There were a few things that were a little different this cycle that made me pay closer attention to that particular fertility sign. Which makes me feel a little wild about getting to the RE. Lets do a post-coital, do the analysis, and get on to the IUI if this is the problem. Seriously. "You must try for 365 days or you don't have a problem" - how totally absurd is that??? Gah! What an old rant this is getting to be.

Ah, well, at least I can address myself to that bottle of Merlot that has been whispering my name...

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kate said...

Heh...i never get much comment on my religious posts (few & far between) either. I think you have to be in a different group for that -- the religious-mommy bloggers, not the loss bloggers. Some people intersect the two communities quite nicely but i don't, myself.

It does help, sometime, to write it out. I personally didn't comment because i had nothing to say -- it sounds like you are figuring out things in your own way, which is the best anyone can hope for under the circumstances...