Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Quickly, quickly

I am out of town for a meeting today, leaving in the next few minutes. Thoughts I need to dispose of before I go:
  1. Continuing yesterday's book review, I wonder what the author's experience with the subject matter is. If none, she has done excellent research. The way she describes how the mere presence of a stroller can insinuate its hurtful way into your soul is unerringly accurate. She also describes, from the main character's POV, the (sometimes) disgust with a body ravaged by carrying a baby (the soft flesh at the belly, the sagging breasts, the altered silhouette) when there is no baby to show for its efforts.
  2. My temp went to 97.7 today, for those following at home.

Cheers! (Today's post brought to you by the overuse of the parenthetical)

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