Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Book Report, Vol. II - The Final Volume

I finished reading Love and Other Impossible Pursuits last night. The final verdict? Liked it, a lot. Not loved-it-Jane-Austin-style, but really liked it. It was real and it was satisfying.

There was something, at the start of the book, that annoyed me about the main character. When all was revealed, I discovered that it was this: she needed to grow up. Which she did. I was, at moments, quite irritated with the main character's dismissive approach to everything that I have found helpful in mourning my son.* When it comes down to it, I am fairly sure all of the traits about the main character that I found irritating where actually a function of her immaturity. I actually think that it a sign of a pretty good author when she can give the characters dimension by showing their flaws, but still allowing us enough of the good stuff to still like them.

Like I said, I am not much of a literary critic. I am not very good at it.

VERDICT: I think it is a worthwhile read - do note that, if you are as susceptible to mood swings related to books/movies as I am, you should read at least the first 12 chapters in one sitting. That will get you through most of the depressing set-up and in to the flow of the story.

*aside - she is a fictional character, after all, so no use being angry at her for mocking Walk's to Remember or support groups (on and off line). And, besides, if we just admit it, don't we all think that some of the sugared up poetry at Walk's to Remember are a little saccharine? Or is that just my cynicism?

So my stupid body is still not showing any clear symptoms of actually having ovulated a few days ago. Temperature-wise, I mean. Fertility Friend is showing ovulation the day before I got the positive OPK. GAH!

And I think that my cold, which started on CD21 has messed up my temps. Also, my post-ovulatory temps are usually more like 97.7 degrees F. I have no idea how to interpret this chart. Any experienced charters care to comment? I haven't paid VIP membership, or I would ask the folks at FF...


Aussie Kate said...

I am collecting Love and Other Impossible Pursuits from the library tomorrow, so plan to read it over the Easter break. Looking forward to getting my teeth into such a relevant book to our journeys. I'll keep you posted about my opinion, but it may take a while as sadly I'm not a speed-reader like you seem to be!

BTW, I think your chart is looking very promising! EWCM, +OPK and a noticeable thermal shift are all very positive, in my humble opinion. I have everything crossed for you guys this month :)

kate said...

Alot of the loss poetry, and all that angel stuff, makes me gag. But that's just me...I do know that it is conforting to many people, though.

Sounds like an interesting book!

I know squat about charting but i am hoping this is your month!