Thursday, April 22, 2010

37 weeks, 3 days

I don't like this gestational age. Why? Because we creep ever closer to 38 weeks, 3 days, which is my personal time-bomb. C. was okay right up to 38w2d. Before that, there was discussion of induction due to slightly odd BPPs. We didn't do it. He died.

Not that I am going crazy here. But there is still no firm plan. My OB is going to check me early next week. He said he would prefer to use prosteglandin, made mention of stripping membranes, doesn't want to push things. I hope to God that by the middle of next week we are either done or in the middle of labour. Next Wednesday is my personal scary day. Please don't make me wait....

I don't like the lack of firm plan, though I understand that my OB is just trying to gently nudge my body into labour instead of trying a cold start. I just wish I could comfort myself by saying "Only ___ more days, you can make it only ____ more days..."

On the other hand, the baby's blanket will not be ready in time. Each day more brings me closer to at least being half-done.

So ready for this to be over.


Rosepetal said...

I was convinced this post would talk about baby being here already! Didn't you say your cervix was already softened? For Beanie they didn't give me any prostaglandin, went straight to oxytocin drip because cervix was already soft. I hope it will be all done before next Wednesday my friend. These days are scary ones.

kate said...

keeping you in my thoughts! Come on, baby!!

Aussie Kate said...

Stalking stalking stalking you, waiting for an update :)

Big hugs. I know these last days are hard on you both.

kate xx