Friday, March 05, 2010

Get a grip

I feel like I am clutching at sanity. Really all that has happened is that BB and my husband are sick, my mother came to visit (causing exhaustion for me and regression in behaviour and potty training in BB), I am behind at work, nothing is ready for the baby, and I can't sleep.

If I have Googled correctly, it seems I am experiencing symphysis pubis dysfunction. It has worsened in the last few days due to slipping a couple of times. Fun. I will mention to my OB next week and see if I can get a quick referral for physio (though at this point it seems somewhat futile, only 8-10 weeks to go...). I can barely walk in the morning. Getting out of bed is torture.

Baby is breech.

So I think what I need is sleep. However, I am not getting any. I have to pee or one of my men get up in the night with their colds or my pelvis is so painful that it wakes me.

My house is messy and needs a really good spring cleaning. And reorganizing (re: fitting in one more person).

Oh, and work has notified me of some unexpected financial burdens that will be coming our way. Good times.

Okay, off to think about my latest knitting project, which is terribly cute and coming together just perfectly.


kate said...

Ya, think about the knitting. Good plan! You should take a picture. Is this the blanket?

Ouch on the pelvic pain. Yes, try the physio. Maybe the baby will turn, there is time for that yet too.

Sheesh. I have no advice. I'll be thinking of you. But only 8-10 weeks to go sounds great!

Aussie Kate said...

I agree with the 'other kate', focus on the knitting is the way to go :)

PSD is so bad. A physio should be able to help a lot. 8-10 weeks is too long for you to suffer on, esp given everything else.

Cheering you on from the sidelines :-)

Rosepetal said...

How are you doing?

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