Friday, October 17, 2008

To Give Thanks

I just realized that I didn't actually give thanks for anything last weekend, Thanksgiving here. The most obvious moment to do so would have been during the church service we attended, but the sermon was about a fund-raising effort and no mention was made of giving thanks. So I just forgot.

For the record, I am thankful for a multitude of things. I just didn't remember to make note of them last weekend.

Besides, this is what we woke to on Monday:

It's mostly melted now, a freak storm in an otherwise warm autumn. It should be lovely tomorrow when we attend our annual Walk to Remember.

No denying it, though. The cold is coming.


Rosepetal said...

oh my goodness snow!

Cara said...

Brrrrr - I'm cold just thinking about it.

Enjoy your walk - we are all thankful for things and it doesn't matter when we express the emotion.

kate said...

that's a beautiful picture.

It scares me, though! I haven't even planted my spring bulbs yet! I think we are supposed to have a frost tonight, but not a hard frost. I need to bring in my plants...