Saturday, October 04, 2008

Positive thinking for the spring garden.

Because I am likely to forget, and because I am firmly entrenched in next-year-territory, these are the bulbs that I just planted.

Two allium bulbs by the arbour in the front, allium/tulip combos to hide the gas meter, and tulips around the Morden Blush roses at the back door.

Likely I have planted them too late and not deeply enough to actually have results next spring, but here's hoping.  Here are some pretty pictures from other people. 


Cara said...

Gorgeous. We helped my mother plant sets! (color coded no doubt) It was fun, but confusing!

I hope they come up and dazzle you with their beauty.

Julia said...

Very pretty. I didn't even know what alliums were until this spring when I posted a picture on my blog and got schooled about it. But now I recognize them.

I am just catching up on my reader after weeks of neglect. Just wanted to say I am here now, and I am listening.

niobe said...

I guess I should be planting my bulbs now too....

Lori said...

I am always impressed with anyone who plants bulbs, I always forget. But when they come up in the Spring, I always wish I would remember.

Positive thoughts toward Spring. That's a good thing.