Saturday, October 25, 2008

Major Stitching Problems

I am hoping that one of you can give me some guidance.  I have made the classic blunder.  I am almost finished the front panel of the sweater I am knitting for BB and I am sure that I won't have enough yarn.  I am using Classic Elite Yarn "Two.Two" in colour 1504, which went out of production in fall of 2005.  Any suggestions?

If I can finish the body in the yarn I have, a close match would be okay to use on the cuffs.  It doesn't have to be an exact match.  This yarn looks like the same colour, but who can tell from pictures?  But it has a completely different colour number - 1557.



kate said...

If you join Ravelry (hint hint) you may find someone who has some in stash that they will part with (sell or trade). There are whole groups devoted to that sort of thing. Or, ebay.

By the way, i have a bunch of pics of the kiddos on flickr but they are friend-only, did i send you an invite? Can't recall.

kate said...

OK, duh, i see you checked ebay already. didn't click on the link before i opened my mouth. But so i went & searched Rav for you, there is at least one person with 10 skeins of the exact thing. Though whether she is interested in trading/selling i don't know. I can email her for you if you email me. Though it would be easier if you JOINED YOURSELF. heh.