Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Still not much worth reading here.

Whew. I just updated the Babyloss Directory. That always takes a round out of me. I had updates dating back to May. 54 emails to address.

I am smarter now, though. I don't read any of the new blogs, other than to quickly glean necessary information. I know I can't deal with it, not without incurring the pain of a downward spiral of grief.

Suffice it to say, the miniature epiphany that I had during our holiday will have to wait. I'm spent.


niobe said...

Thank you so much for the updating. I'm sure it must be difficult in so many different ways.

Catherine said...

I, quite literally, gasped out loud at the length of the latest Babyloss Directory update. So unbelievably sad just to see the number, let alone to read the stories.

Welcome home!

delphi said...

Thanks for your support, Niobe and Catherine.

Catherine, I was almost 3 months behind and I usually do it more often. Nonetheless, it is shocking, isn't it?

Julian's Mom said...

What was your epiphany??????

kate said...

Welcome home!